Young Days Edit

Born in Windham, CT John was a mutant with the ability to manipulate humans, animals, objects, and energy to do whatever he wanted. When starting school he was a loser but by 7th grade he was considered popular. World War III began and he was drafted at age 14.

War years​Edit

Fought in Vancouver, Honduras, UAE, Portugal, Nigeria, and Mongolia amongst others. On a mission to take a Chile he saved his squad of 20 who were mostly school friends. He finally returned for his junior year. When drafted back he became the Lieutanant of a spec ops team called "SATANS STALLIONS". while on a mission in Bahrain he found an alien symbiote which attached to his right arm giving him the power to aquired and absorb other powers.


All the stuff in comics came true for him when he learned about SHEILD. He became a member and went on dangerous missions: A hostage crisis in Sweden, a terror fort in Indonesia, and saving the 48th president from an assassination attempt. He was directed to the Weapon VIII project to work with his special powers.

Weapon X

He developed his powers greatly

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