Character Storybrooke Affiliation Involvment
King Arthur Not Known Bad Will hunt down Lancelot in flashback
Rapunzel Owner of hair salon Neutral Helps Mr. Gold hide Belle from Regina in exchange for having her hair stop growing
Stromboli Dale Bad Marco's buisness rival

The Piper of Hamelin


Bad Music store owner and has the ability to easily convince and manipulate people and in the fairy tale world is Rumpelstitskin's new apprentice



Good Lifeguard at community pool with whom Regina has a grudge against

The mystery man

Henry Mills father


may be neutral

Will be seen in flashbacks

Jack with the magic beans


Neutral Captured by the Giant



Good An old friend of Jefferson who helps him reconnect with his daughter


Not Known

Bad when Frankenstein's monster is awakened he snaps the assistant's back but letting him live and calls him "Eee-Gorrr"

The Forty Thieves

The Forty Thieves of Storybrooke

Bad After the curse is broken there is no order and the biker gang "The Forty Thieves of Storybrooke" rises and becomes trouble for newly instated sheriff David Nolan (Prince Charming)

Simba a lion

Bambi a deer

Dumbo an elaphant

Bageera a panther

Baloo a bear

same names in Storybrooke

Good When the Mad Hatter gets stranded in "The Animal Kingdom" he meets these animals who much to his suprise can talk as they were taught by Mowgli and Tarzan who in turn had been taught by "The animals that go boom" refering to hunters in their land
Mowgli and Tarzan Good 2 young castaways in the "Animal Kingdom" who were taught to speak by "The animals that go boom" (hunters)

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