Death has a secret plan involving High Fives Ghost.


[show] *1 Part 1 The Dissapearance

Part 1 The DissapearanceEdit

Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Pops, and Thomas are sitting around te kitchen table when Muscle Man runs in saying High Fives is gone. Skips explains that High Fives made a deal with Death years before joining the park that he could roam the world for 12 years and then he will work for death for eternity unless he can beat Death in real life chess within 24 hours.

Part 2 The RecruitsEdit

Skips explains that for real life chess each player has to be dead and pluck 16 people from earth and give commands to them on a giant chessboard. The park workers make up 7 of the required 16. They need 9 more people to join them. the 4 Guardians of Eternal Youth make there team be up to 11. Margaret and Eileen join bumping the up to 13. Muscle Man calls Starla to join them making them 14. Rigby's little bro Don joins the team making them 15. The zombie slayer from Zombacalypse 3D arrives saying he wants to "kick some dead guy butt" now making them have all 16. They also bring CJ, John (Muscle Bro), John (Margaret's Cousin), and Llama guy just in case death cheats.

Part 3 The JourneyEdit

They get 2 golf carts for Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen (cart 1) and Muscle Man, Starla, Pops, and Benson (cart 2). The Guardians carry Skips, Thomas, Don, and Zombie Slayer. Llama guy carries both Johns in his pickup truck and CJ flies. On the way to Death's castle they encounter zombies, ghosts, vampires, skelatons, and all the dead good guys and bad guys in the series.

Part 4 The Fortress of DeathEdit

When they arrive they find Death has gathered a large army of undead. He has skelaton soldiers with snipers in his 5 towers, 2 frankenstein guards are gurading each of the 12 doors and theres vampires flying a round in the sky. in the 2 main courtyards zombies are assembling. ghosts are stationed in corridors full of dead good guys and bad guys. Death and 3 skelatons holding High Five ghost, his brother, and his dad march towards the group of protagonists ready to fight.

Part 5 Chess Battle

Mordecai comes up from the crowd challenging Death to a chess match. Death says the captain has to be dead for it to happen. Rigby yells that High Fives will be there captain. The battle stats get "randomized" by deaths scientist vampire who reveals the lineup.

Kings: Muscle Man and Death

Queens: Starla and Death's wife.





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